Subliminal Motion (2018)


Subliminal Motion consists of a form I have worked with in the past — the circle. While my subseries Gestures works with more complicated mark-making, for this wall installation, I envisioned creating a gesture that would distill the concept of the handmade mark of the artist into a simple, universal form. I find the creation of the repeated mark as meditative, as well as the process of creating dozens of chemigrams at once, all united by the same variable of the circle / swirl form. Shown as an installation that unites the pieces into one large form, I hope to both convey the various options of line, color, and texture that the chemigram process provides, but also to show the various ways that one circular mark can manifest. I am interested in why the form of the mark changes based on different days and mental states, and exactly how those moods influence form in subconscious ways. The mark becomes a symbol, a secret lexicon that speaks to that moment, evading my native tongue.