Constructions (2015 – 2019)


These works span a variety of formats from framed collages, wall pieces hung by nails, and constructions made from multiple pieces of photo paper. “Language Acquisition” started as an exploration of gesture and character-like forms, made spontaneously by drawing through resists on the photographic paper. For various reasons, only a small portion of those works possess the qualities that I feel are successful in becoming singular gestural works. Many of these constructions are the result of the numerous “failed” attempts at gesture, repurposed into new works that are purely formal in approach. In some I am comparing one mark to another made at a different time, and trying to recreate my sense of movement across the paper into a new artwork. Other pieces are inspired by quilt patterns and are exploring silver gelatin paper’s relationship to thread. The earliest wall pieces taught me about chemistry ratios, lighting conditions, and time needed to harness a small bit of control over the chemigram process, while also entertaining the materiality of the paper by nailing it directly into the wall.