Building Images on Object-Based Papers :: SPESE 2014

"March" detail 2; Hand-colored inkjet photograph on tea bags, mounted on wood; 24in. x 20in. x 1.5in; 2010

Hi everyone!

Looking forward to meeting you all at SPESE. In this workshop, I will be showing you how to print onto tea bag paper and coffee filters, and how to build the imagery into mixed media works. I will provide tea bag paper, but feel free to bring your own, or your own coffee filters. Put the papers under some books so they are good and flat if so.

I am also providing white panels for you to adhere the paper to, or you may just be content with the printed image on the papers alone. Some considerations for items to bring to experiment with:

  • Other papers to collage under the prints
  • Gold/silver leaf
  • Pencils/paint for drawing on panel underneath the image
  • Wax to make the paper more sculptural

I would bring at least one JPG at 300ppi sized to at least 5×7 inches on a USB drive, or I will have sample images for you to play with. I will demo how to build a monotone image onto three papers and collage them into one big image (which you can then paint/draw into). You may also print color images if you like as well. We will play and see what strikes you!

**ALSO: if you want to bring any of the following items that you may own yourself, it will keep you from having to wait on others using the supplies we have rounded up:

  • paintbrushes (small ones)
  • scotch tape
  • xacto knife/scissors
  • ruler

Email me if you have questions! Looking forward!