Darkroom Experiments, 2013 – present

This is an ongoing body of work based on a variety of imagery – geographical locations that hold personal significance, studies of light and form, and the occasional rushed last shot to finish the roll.  I’m interested in how chance, play, and accidents unite these works, as they were all created in that gray area between teaching demonstration and genuine artistic curiosity, either through their capture, their printing, or both. The images are all unique silver gelatin prints that cannot be replicated, created through experimental darkroom processes made by hand: solarization, chromoskedasic sabatier, selective development, manipulated paper negatives, and manipulation of the paper itself. I could describe my traditional working process as waiting for an idea to present itself before I could create; however these pieces bring to mind Chuck Close’s perhaps controversial declaration: “Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work.” They teach me the importance of sometimes needing to let go of control in order to create.