Zodiac, 2000

I grew up being attuned to the zodiac. I know that when my mother asks when a new friend’s birthday is, she is asking for their astrological sign so she can glean information about their personality. Like any other study or pursuit in life, there are people who use the zodiac to deceive others for a personal gain, and there are concepts about the zodiac that have proven to me legitimate. This book is an exploration of attitudes which span this gamut of belief.

I spent time photographing each of these individuals in places where they admitted to feeling the most at ease, the most themselves. In the book, I juxtposed these images next to information about each of their signs. This info included sample readings from columns such as “your pet’s horoscope”, to surveys the individuals filled out to see whether their beliefs align with the qualities attributed to their sign.

I don’t claim this to be any formal study of astrology, and the results of it were no doubt inconclusive. My aim was to explore the zodiac in both its ridiculousness and its value. I feel at this point in my life, it was one way to grasp supernatural subject matter that I so yearned to talk about, but before I found my own personal manner in which to voice it.