Rediscovery, 1999-2000

Spirituality has always had a place in my life, and I can see this looking back into my BFA thesis work. Try a Unitarian church, one friend suggested. I studied Neo-Paganism. I read through Biblical stories, through Greek Mythology. There are a few hits in this series, but otherwise I can consider it the beginnings of my stumbling search for a spiritual identity. However, I called this Rediscovery in the sense that I knew I was resurrecting something that had existed in me always.

Illustrative self-portraits as historical figures are mixed in with images dealing with supernatural forces. It was a difficult thing to draw the line between where religion ends and the occult begins. Power inherent in one’s self does not have to be inconsistent with the power sought by the deity. A witches’ brew is nothing more than a knowledge of herbs. The earthly is the divine.

I didn’t have the words for such things at the age of 21, though I understood it. The work manifested in photography, the medium of my training. I had always been attracted to being an image-maker, as opposed to a documentary photographer. This is again a concept that I did not have labels for at the time, I just knew that unlike my peers, the shooting of the film was work to get out of the way. The fun was yet to be had in the darkroom, as well as on the newly-discovered computer.