Experimental Camera Work, 2009-2011

In 2003, I left the darkroom because it wasn’t tactile enough for me. A silver gelatin print in a mat and frame was the standard for reproducing images. I left for three dimensions, for installation, mixed media and precious objects — realms I still explore. But something remarkable happened in nine years: the standard changed as photographers left the darkroom for their computers. Our attention spans shrank. Our hands stopped smelling like fixer.

These images, made with pinhole and Holga cameras, mark the beginning of my reconnection with physical chemistry. A silver gelatin photograph is now an object. There is no shortcut to creating a pinhole photograph. There is magic in building a camera with your own bare hands. I continue to explore objects and phenomena that inspire me, but through a process that cannot be duplicated with pixels and ink, a process that requires me to prioritize and devote my time to sitting still in one spot and waiting.