Light, 2001

This collection of photographs celebrates experimentation and happy accidents. My first time working in color photography, I preferred manipulation over accuracy, despite needing to learn the basics. I fought embracing the rules of proper color balance, and after the first four awkward months of graduate school, I began to approach a look to my work that resonated positively with me in a small way.

I worked with simple props, setting up scenes, and observing light. At this point I was very much influenced by Joyce Tenneson’s “Light Warriors”, in its straightforward compositions and sense of the spiritual through such minimal content. Also, being more of a night person, I was beginning to see morning light as a novel subject matter as well.

Looking back, I feel there is a sense of awakening in this work, but there is still something of an ominousness in it. Dark values at times, cropped heads, mystery in identity. A few images shine, but it is still a body of work in transition.