Adjustment, 2000

This body of work is still painful to sort through. We all have our periods of adjustment in our lives: breakups, new jobs, new homes, whatever these may be. For me, a new city, new living situation, and the boiling pot of beginning graduate school made for few happy times one autumn. The only merit of this body of work, is that in spite of its probable banality to the viewer, it is that very emotion (or lack thereof) that I felt during the time period that was captured perfectly in these photos.

Athens is a world away from New Orleans, and graduate school was not the continuation of undergraduate school that I assumed it would be. There were clashes of environment, responsibilities for which I was unprepared, relationships which could be described by any word but ‘comfortable’. In all ways, I sought escape. But I did learn that, though it is possible to hate the very thing you once loved, when the love does return, its strength is immeasurable.

This is the body of work that simply needed to be made to move on, and can take me back to the times just as strongly as a scent or a song.