Precious Objects, 2009

You see this work through the medium of a computer screen. For some people, viewing images online might be just as acceptible as seeing them in person. I feel communication is still possible by viewing the pieces in this manner, although it shouldn’t be considered an equivalent experience to being in their presence. This concerns me.

We’re losing our sense of geography, of needing to be in the physical presence of an object, of people. We’re losing our appreciation for a thing that hails from a certain location, that was present during a particular event. The gift of a virtual bouquet of flowers has no smell, no touch, and no death.

I like objects that tell stories.

Not all, but many of the items in these pieces hold certain significance to me. The items might be in my possession for years before they find their home. Other items may make sense from the start and quickly be placed.

Either way, these objects that hold meaning, not in a monetary status sense, but in a way that relates to identity or emotion, are key to my work. It has been before this particular body, and I imagine will continue to be.