Intuition, 2002-2003

Ritual is a means of elevating the importance of simple gestures and observations. One’s senses are heightened, and actions are pared down to only those most vital. Every decision in ritual is imbued with an intent.

I use ritual in my art as both a working method, and a subject of exploration. My interests lie in cultural and spiritual heritage, which prompts me to question of myself, what rituals are a part of my life? What traditions have I inherited, adopted, or invented? From where does my sense of identity come?

I explore these questions as I observe the birds that come to my feeder; as I take note of cycles and seasons; in the curiosity of how food grows in earth and water; through connections with the traditional roles of women, and the mystical power behind their duties; through fascination with alchemy and order. I long to know stories of my ancestors. What was their perspective on these subjects that intrigue me?

As a result, my work often prompts more questions than it provides answers. I use both old and new elements in my pieces. By harnessing the power of the found object and combining it with my own experience, I reference a history, but a history I have created myself. I work intuitively, and feel that my art is the result of an influence of a higher power, or the subconscious, as
I see these two concepts as being interchangeable. The work embodies my appreciation for simplicity, for inheritance, for the wholesome, the supernatural, and the feminine all at once.