Timeline, 2006

Art in the Woods, Stillmoreroots Group, Stillmore GA

This is my attempt to map out 28 years of my life in physical form. Rather than refer to direct accounts of events, I designated these experiences through numbers that have identified me throughout my life. This spans through birth weight to academic achievements to my current involvements through career and art. To walk the span of one’s life in a length of approximately sixty feet gives one a time to truly relive identities, locations and mindsets that were once theirs.

Many fresh fruits are used in the latter years of the timeline to represent a blossoming of artistic and personal awareness. Some of these have specific autobiographical intent, such as the blackberries that grew wild in my backyard as a child which I was both afraid to and not permitted to eat. I use these to paint with openly now. To mark the time spent on this journey, i pinned approximately 300 ribbons along the bottom of the fabric with T-pins.

I use the sewing machine as an allusion to a creator who keeps spinning the tale of my life today. She is surrounded by cotton, nourished by jars of rainwater. Her presence is merely hinted at with a sprig of wisteria overhead.