Quilt of Days, 2009

Contemporary Arts Exchange, Macon GA

Each morning I drink a cup of tea. I can count my days in tea bags.

Some days are filled with simplicity. Some with order. Some days are centered on the thought of a loved one. And some days are just blank.

In reflecting on the quilt of your life, how many days are blank? No memory, no event? Perhaps a whole day sick in bed?

It becomes a comfort to me to realize there are so many days we can’t remember, and that so much of our concepts of identity are based on the highlights. We are remembered, are judged by shining short blips on the radar. There is room and time for change.

And yet all of those nameless days add up, give us a presence, give us validity and form.

We need both the named and unnamed. The significant and mundane. We need patience for both.