Patience, 2010

Pack Place Community Gallery, Asheville, NC

Patience is my mantra.

The fall of 2010 finds me coming to terms with so many forms of longing – for career, relationship, daily routine, for the so called “stability” that academia has taught me to expect. A year of Asheville’s influence has encouraged me to practice patience, to appreciate the now and not live so far into the future.

As a form of self-created structure that I have been aiming for in my life here, I visited the gallery each day from 3:30 to 4:30 and wrote the word “patience” repeatedly in cursive paper, hidden amongst hand-printed scrolls which adorn symbols of the passage of time. Repetition is like a prayer to me, and also recalls the methods of learning that were a part of my Catholic school upbringing. Whether the action is comfort or punishment is ambiguous.

I don’t want to have the typical American set of insatiable longings. I recognize that I have goals I am working towards, but I don’t want to be constantly dissatisfied in the present moment. When anxiety arises, this mantra is an ever-growing comfort.